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Skilbag offers you tools to make a free resume quickly and easily by choosing from the models that are available to you.

No knowledge in layout or computer graphics is needed to create a resume. All you have to do is describe your career and talk about yourself.

Automatic layout

Skilbag has been designed to allow you to create a resume as easily as possible without having to worry about technical issues. We do not think it's up to you to deal with the details of the layout or the graphical aspect.

This is why Skilbag automatically manages the layout by trying to keep the content of your resume on a complete page so as not to have a half-empty document. In the same way, the layout of a content of more than one page will be managed in the best way to make it fit on one page when possible.

Multilingual resume

Apply abroad with just one click by changing the language of your resume (currently available: French and English).

A simple and intuitive interface

Easily inform your career and your personal information. Fully customize the sections of your document to make you a fully customized resume.

Change offers at any time

If you want to stand out more from other candidates, you can opt for a superior offer at any time giving you access to all resume templates available on Skilbag. Create the resume that suits you!