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The cover letter creation interface a tea designed to be as simple as possible.


It only takes a few minutes to download a free cover letter that will accompany your resume when you apply.

Take advantage of our advice

Our relevant tips will help you know how to write a cover letter that will give you an edge over the other candidates.

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Store all your cover letters on your personal space and change them as you wish.

We help you create a cover letter quickly

The cover letter interface helps you create personalized letters for each application as quickly as you can.

Simply fill in the requested information and follow our writing tips for each paragraph.

You can then download your cover letter in PDF format to accompany you resume in your applications.

A template for a winning cover letter

The pre-defined cover letter template we use allows you to create professional-looking letters that make your document clear and structured.

Your cover letter will be composed of several paragraphs, each paragraph having a specific purpose. You can create a cover letter that will be relevant to a spontaneous application for a response to an offer or an internship search.

Tips for each paragraph

You are assisted on the creation of your cover letter with all the tips and tricks you will have. When one wonders how to write a cover letter, the biggest problem is often the lack of inspiration.

Thanks to Skilbag, you will be directed as you write your cover letter and you will never be lost.

Store all your cover letters

On your personal space, you will have a detailed view of all the cover letters you have created.

You will be able to know at any time the current applications, modify your existing cover letters and download them.

When you receive a response from one of your applications, you can indicate in the parameters of your letter if the answer was negative or positive. In this way, you will be able to progressively improve the cover letters that you create in order to write documents that are more and more relevant to the offers you are applying for.


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