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make resume for free

Simply and quickly write a professional quality resume. Choose a template, fill in your details, and you'll get an original resume whose content will automatically fit on one page. Magical !

Write a cover letter

Write and store all your cover letters. With our tips and explanations, finished the lack of inspiration!

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Manage your applications

Stay organized through the application log. An essential tool to know at any time your professional steps in progress.

Test to infinity!

Modify your information as you see fit, and test as many resume templates as you want!

Make resume online on Skilbag: the benefits

Predefined modern resumes templates

To succeed in not going unnoticed is not the easiest thing to do when you want to apply. The reality is that you may be many to want to access the same position, and for that, everyone has the same weapon: the resume!

Each model of free resume and each more elaborate template that you are offered ensures that you get a clear and original document that will make the difference between you and other applicants.

Make a resume simply

Here too, Skilbag helps you to fill in the content of your resume with very simple forms, by asking you all the necessary information for each element addition in one of your sections.

When you fill out your information using these forms, you will be guided to make sure you do not forget to mention elements of your career.

Your editable resume anywhere, anytime

During your professional research, it can be interesting to modify your resume in a few clicks and download it quickly.

Also change the look of your document with a single click, test all the models you want and give your resume the personality that suits you!

A quick and easy tool to make resume for free

Skilbag has been designed to make resume creation simple and intuitive.

Fill in the content of your resume by filling in forms, without taking care of the layout. Font size and spacing are handled automatically.

Create a professional resume

Creating a resume that stands out is not easy for everyone. It must be clear, relevant and enjoyable to read.

Our original resume templates allow you to create the professional resume that suits you and stand out from other candidates. So much for the form.

For the bottom, it's up to you! Enter your information easily, modify the title of the existing headings, create your own headings, and click on a simple button to retrieve your resume in PDF format. Do not worry about the layout: the content of your resume automatically adjusts to fit on one full page.

Want to test another resume template? No problem, you can modify the model of resume used at any time, and test as much as you want!

faire un cv gratuit

Personalize the content of your resume

When you start creating your resume, the main topics are added automatically.

You are free to modify the existing sections and to add the ones that you wish to include on your document. You can also customize the order of topics in your resume.

How to make a resume for free on Skilbag?

Choice of resume template

Choose from all our available resume templates. Many professional and original models are offered to you to find the one that suits you the most!

Once the model chooses, you will have the possibility to change it as many times as you want thereafter, so you can try them all if you want.

Fill in your information

This is the content of your resume. The most common topics on a resume are created automatically, which allows you to make a free resume easily.

You can create your own topics, or change the names of automatically created topics. It's up to you to decide what your resume will be.

Forms help you to inform your business information in a simple and intuitive way. Just fill in the fields and you'll be sure you do not forget anything.

Automatic adaptation of content

We do not think it's up to you to worry about layout issues. You have nothing to do so that the content automatically adapts itself on a whole page: click on a simple button to recover your resume pdf, it will be directly ready to be sent!

Write a cover letter

The importance of writing a single letter for each application can not be overemphasized. Complicated exercise if the inspiration is not at the rendezvous ...

Our cover letter tool allows you to write a letter simply, taking advantage of the tips and tricks we give you.

Store all your cover letters, and edit them to infinity!

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Journal of candidatures

Essential to be organized when applications multiply. That's why we've created the Nomination Log: Add your nominations to your journal, and you'll never be lost.

Get an overview of all your professional steps at a glance!


Your questions / Our answers

How to make a resume?

To make a good resume, it is essential to be organized and to ask yourself the following questions: to whom do you send an application? What skills could be interesting for the recruiter? What professional experiences could be related to the targeted position?

Once you have answered the previous questions, you can begin to select the items you want to be on your resume in your career. The goal is for the recruiter to fully understand the link between what they read and the position for which you are applying.

It's not necessarily about putting in your resume everything you've done before or anything you know how to do it, especially if you have several years of professional experience in your career.

What to put in a resume?

A resume usually consists of the following rubrics: work experience, training, skills, various (or hobbies).

Every piece of information you mention in your professional experiences and training should be detailed. The person who reads your resume must know immediately how long you have been in the business and what you have done and learned.

If you have computer skills, do not hesitate to let it know. Add an "IT Skills" section to your resume and list all the software that you know how to use by specifying the levels of control.

How to make a resume when you have never worked?

It can be difficult to complete a resume when you have little or no professional experience, for example when writing a resume for a work placement.

In this case, the goal is to play on your training and all the skills you have acquired. If you manage to remember everything you have already done in business or on your own, you can then create an interesting resume several professional qualities very useful for the recruiter.

Want to try?

Start creating your resume for free and enjoy all the features. The best way to get an idea is to try!

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