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A simple and intuitive interface

The use of Skilbag and its handling is done in a few seconds. Creating a custom resume has never been so easy!

Follow the guide !

The interface has been designed to establish a consistent order in the way you will fill in your information. In this way, you are sure not to forget anything.

Editable to infinity

You have no limit on the modification of your information. Add, edit, delete to infinity. You can also try all the resume templates we offer, so you can find the one that suits you.

Several trades together for a perfect resume

Skilbag has been designed with the help of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, such as recruiters, managers, and graphic designers, so you can create a fun-to-read, compelling resume of relevant information that puts you in the spotlight.

Automatic layout

No special knowledge is necessary to use Skilbag. You fill in your information, choose a resume template. Skilbag does the rest.

A website always in motion

Enjoy free of charge all the next Skilbag features, as well as new resume templates coming soon.

Unlimited access to your creations

You can download the resumes that you have created, even after the expiration date of your subscription. These are your data, and they only belong to you.

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